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Related article: Date: Wed, 2 May 11, 2001 22nd 29 0100 ( BST) From: " [ISO -8859-1 ] Ozy " u003csoul_catcher2000 yahoo. co. UK u003e Subject: Being gay / Chapter 7 Be Gay message and warning : The following story contains Content of a homosexual nature. It intends to of law under the minimum age. If you are offended by homosexual acts, or is illegal in your area to see how the material, then stop reading and go! I am not sure how old u have to be adults about the need. I-17, so not out of it or have that much. Note : This story is the property of each writer Copying in whole or in part is prohibited by this document, , and will result in the termination of a life force. Of course, behind this story is based on real events. It is true except for small details and the structure of time. www. gayfreezone. Homestead. com - read this website. his primarily for gay youth, but everyone is welcome to take a look. Sign the guestbook and leave a message on the board. Thx. Ozy This is the latest chapter of history. e- mailsOzy sent to: soul_catcher2000 yahoo. co. UK Chapter 7 n othing had happened. It had been a week since I had been seen kissing at the music store, Cath has not bothered to have a someone to say something. I had almost forgotten about the whole situation. Ryan had to spend much time with his former girlfriend and I have not seen much of him. Hey, Lena. beautiful, intelligent, sexy, s ex -girlfriend Lena. What was it that I did not I? Breasts ? Now I could breasts. Hmm. Maybe Ryan would like to better if I had big tits. I laughed. Yes, I finally had ido madness. was Saturday again, and sat in my room and lonely depressed. With zuginge things well, but still felt bad. I could not think of anything to do, I was so bored. I played my Sarah Mchlachlan CD and put it back on the bed. All I could think about what y Ryan was such a stupid bitch. I was going crazy. I had to get out of here. I got up and grabbed my jacket, I would go see Sara. Half an hour later we were sitting by the fireplace,play Scrabble. One word : Damn. " G. Boren six six-letter word, and get triple points. I. " I said. Sarah looked at me Boy Bbs with a smile on his face. " This is a fraud. " He said. I ran back to the foot of the couch. " Oh, forget this stupid game. Let's go somewhere, Boy Bbs I boredom die if we stay here. " Sarah seemed to enjoy This. " Ok. Where is u want to go? " Called " I do not know. Everywhere. " I said, " Hey, let's go in Liverpool , which depend on the docks. it is as the old days. "It sounded something interesting, I've always loved the docks. They were so cool when I was younger, then return almost everything that was good when I was younger. However, was not like I had nothing better to do. " Ok let's go. We go to the docks. " We got up and left. 10 minutes later we were in the car and heading to Liverpool, was less than an hour's drive. It would take a while before the. opened my arms like crazy, I could taste the salt content of seawater. I choked whent went to my nose. " Help Ryan!... I RY" I swallowed another load of sea water, hit a sharp pain in my head and my neck snapped violently. i s of the eyes stung with salt water, panic had seized a long before. I paddled like crazy to get something, anything, that could I left. I do not want to die, I asked God, let I die. There was no hope, blood dripping from his nose merger with water to form a turbid cloud of redness. My neck rolled slowly back and lay motionless, his eyes began to close. I looked through the slits of my half-closed eyes in the sky up, I could see the sunlight high above the sun disappearing and gradually took over the darkness. I sank slowly.. Falling fall into eternal sleep. " awaken love. Come Oz. " I opened my eyes. " Sarah," I said. She looked at me. " Are you okay? " She asked. I stared at her. " Why not help me, Sara? " I asked. " Why? " I asked again, I began to mourn, he did not hear me ? Regarded of Sarah Itrangely at first and then took me to his arms. " Why, why was Sarah ? I love him more than me? " I could not stop the tears, I sank into the deep black void again. " Shh. Just a dream. It was not real. " Gently cradled me as a child. " Shh. All right. Who makes you angry ? " I turned away and wiped her eyes. "Ryan is going to die. It breaks my heart. I feel like I am, I want to leave all this. " I burst into uncontrollable sobs again. Sarah looked at me with sympathetic eyes. "OK. " She took me back to it. We sat for a while crying on the shoulder of Sarah to do with the soothing sounds shh'ing. After a few minutes talking about Sarah. " I'll get through this, I promise you that all is well. " They stopped. "Let's go Ryan loves you, but. Must be taken into account. " I swallowed his tears and sniffed. " I know I have. I can not. I feel like I 'm drowning and Ryan s the only one who can save me. But even shit does not matter. " " stop now. You arethereon. You can not hold that against him. We have not finished everything for each other, you know? Darling, you're too soft, I love you so easily. I do susceptible to pain. We are all looking for the perfect love, , but. They may not have considered is Ryan? "I looked a it. Ryan was my world, he was everything to me. That would everything to me. It was everything I was not that s I felt Boy Bbs like I had everything, as I was with him. I I needed it, how could I let it go ? had to be. " But he has to be. I love it. I need it. Sarah, I 'm going to die without it. "Sarah stroked my face gently with your hand. " It's going to be tough, but sometimes we let them go, , we love it. It's hard and it hurts like hell. But we have to let go. Sweetie, I wish there was something I could do. However, s not. This all depends on you, I'll be there for you, but you have to to make the decision. " She hugged me hard and I smelled. I held back tears and I let her. Finally away and moved into his eyes dried. " You're right, thanks Sarah. I think it's me. If happier with someone else let him go. " Said Sara to his hand through his hair. " is what the best treasure. We Shall Overcome. " I hugged and kissed her cheek. " Yes Can we go home now ? I do not want to stay here. " Sara nodded. I looked out the window under water, I could almost taste its salty, almost feels to travel on my nose, I shuddered and hugged me. Sarah turned, and went home. kissed me, kissed me again. We fell back against each other in the bed of our hands roaming all over the body. His bright eyes glowed in the dark pale and his breathing was deep and flat. With a quick movement pulled the shirt over the head of my s, and kissed me long and deep, his hands caressing my in the chest. Looking deep into her eyes, kissed me again and again eventually Boy Bbs move slightly downward to suck the neck. He began to gently modify my NIPPtheir hands, so it Boy Bbs is s and makes me moan and shake. Moved down - kissing, fondling, sucking gently, so that a wet tow in their wake. He stopped when he reached his goal. undid his jeans, which slowly lowered her panties. She took a deep breath, took my organ in his hand and stroked and gently kissed it makes me cringe. He stopped and began to caress my legs placing small kisses all over my body. that snuggled my crotch tingling sensation caused by a hot spread in my body. I shivered a little and gently patted his hair. He went upstairs to meet my face and kissed her I am deeply concerned, I returned the kiss with his hand up and down his a n. He bent down and began to stroke. that moaned in his mouth. I slept with my arm around Ryan 's sleeping body, the moon looked down on us and threw shadows flickering light on our bodies. Ryan toned figure shone on the waves of moonlight was sensual - David by Michelangelo. But there are n where it was thought that the presence of. He kept pulling my mind and in my heart. I looked at Ryan, which was fine, , it was because he was so nice that I was obsessed with what it was? Maybe it was. But I felt like I was going over, which was perfect, flawless, it was my god. I did not deserve, as his presence, much less be his lover. I sighed deeply and to reflect on how a creature so large could be here with me. Ryan moved gently and whispered softly in his sleep. I was I heard him say my name, and then awoke. Vio from me, his eyes shone in the shafts of moonlight. Vio as quiet. " Ozy. " He spoke so softly, his voice reached my ears. I smiled. " Hello. " I replied. He stood and blinked several times, I looked curiously still half asleep. " Can not sleep ?" I asked. I smiled slightly. " But not much sleep," I replied. He put his arm around me and gently pulled me towards him. I curled up in it. It was so nice, thought it was for Boy Bbs him to lose too. A tear n left corner of my eye and ran down my face. I turned and saw our reflection in the mirror, the moonlight illuminated the face of Ryan - as in a dream all that was so perfectly formed and defined. good n was lame a word to describe it, was an insult to those who is perfect. I had a word to describe it. I looked at my own reflection and realized it clear he was against it. I n ot deserve it. Ryan looked at me Boy Bbs curiously. " Oz. " I turned around and looked at it yet to speak. "What is happening ?" I asked. Everything I thought that all and nothing. " Nothing, go back to sleep. " I said. I got out of bed and slowly walked toward the door, I could feel the eyes of Ryan in me. I wiped Boy Bbs the tear in the corner of my eye and turned pause to look at Ryan with a forced smile, looked me with concern on his face. I turned and went out and closed the door behind me. I stood on the landing wiped tears, The were formed in the corners. Moonlight looked through the bathroom window, its rays directly affects to mark my face, I began to mourn. I could not do it, I was not be strong enough. I heard the door open behind me and quickly went to the bathroom. " Oz. " He spoke so quietly. I paused and swallowed hard, wiped the my eyes. He stepped toward me. " I'm just going to the shower, I'm not tired. " I said quickly. I the bathroom door closed behind me, so only Ryan the dark landing. I paused for a second and then slid into the the shower. That turned the water to spin the wheel to go as far as possible ¿. The water began to heat up quickly and my skin felt as it burned, but did not care. I felt bad, I needed this. I closed my eyes and let the water on me, sighed and tried to relax. I tried to use violence to hurt, but I could not do it - s hurt too much. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and jumped easy. I Boy Bbs opened my eyes, turned around to come facein the face of s with Ryan. He looked into my eyes made ​​no attempt I stopped short. The water kept hitting down on us, soaking the two completely. Ryan 's hair began to stuck to her face and then I saw the love in the eyes of Ryan - as always, never seemed too dark. I realized I was going to do to me, be my friend if I was happy , regardless of what he wanted. I gulped. I knew what I I had to do, and I knew right there what would happen. I turned my face, it was too difficult. His hand gently touched me, as he tilted his face to go directly looked into the eyes of his s hurts. I wanted to kiss her, then kissed me. Light, quiet, he pressed his lips on mine and bowed kindly towards me. I returned the kiss and kissed him again and again. his arms around me and pulled the little figure closer to me, I could feel her warm body against mine and humid, thinks he knows, with every second that No, I never would this Boy Bbs again. the cracks began to fall. I wondered if know I was crying, all the water, but then I felt his tears. I went back and looked and looked away, but is not before I noticed the tears. I looked up to me to do and the vision of my s had a bit blurred with tears and wiped me my eyes. The water was falling on us and Ryan looked into her eyes, a tear slid down his face. " Oz. " Said. " I love Boy Bbs you. " Began to mourn. As the tears began to fall I I was attracted to him and hugged him, hugged him back Lock us in a tight embrace. The water was soaked body wet. I turned off the water, remaining closed arms Ryan. He gently pulled back and let him go. that seen me hit the eyes. " I love you, let it go. " He said. I was confused, but then I recognizes two things at once. I understood what he meant, but at the same time, I realized I could not - I could Boy Bbs not allow go, and hold. I knew it would Happs. " I love you too. " I kissed him gently on the forehead, and turned around. I pushed the door and left, Ryan grabbed my hand and I turned to him. "Please, Oz ?" He said. Tears began to form again. I turned out his hand from his. I grabbed a towel and began to dry myself. I could feel the eyes of Ryan in me, I felt n him, as he ran past me, I felt his frustration and pain. I turned around and grabbed his hand and handed it to me. There were tears eyes. I nodded. " Do not cry. Please ? " I pleaded. He wiped his eyes. ? ? "Why Oz Why can not you be happy we're together, which in You do not want? I love you. " " It is not. " I replied. "What ?" I asked. "I do not know that," I replied, without a trace of emotion in my voice n. Ryan looked at me, he was injured. I wanted to mourn, but had to do this. He tried to speak but the words stuck in the throat of his s. He began to Boy Bbs mourn in silence. I had to say something. " I can not, can not do. Please understand. You know I love o more than anyone ever has. But it's not what you want, it is what you really want. It's best if we accept that. "Ryan looked at me, furious. " Who the hell are you to tell me what I want? Huh? Let choose what I call " I cut him, grabbed him and pulled Boy Bbs him by to me. I looked into her eyes and kissed him gently on the forehead. " Why Oz? Wh. "I put a finger on his lips and looked as me intensely. " Shh, listen to try to open my eyes. " He told me that despite all the pain , I knew I wanted to. Smiled. " is not simply accept that I have. I love you more than never know, and I know you love me. But this is not the as it should. "His anger was gone, I knew he understood. He looked at me curiously. He kissed me gently. " what I want. " He paused, not knowing what to say. I wrapped in my arms. " OK. Do not say anything. We want to be best friends, I can live with dass I that I was able to relax completely miss about you. "Ryan smiled. "I also know that I miss," He hugged me and I hugged him back. The lights came on and stops automatically hug. We both smiled with a devilish grin appeared on his face Ryan. He was about to play a joke, he did that, if n wounded. I smiled before he arrived, and confirmed with a sad smile. " We can still have sex, however, is not it ?" He said. The smile on his face faded slowly. I met him. " Still ?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. He smiled and then grabbed me in a hug. n "Sorry Oz, are you happy? I mean. " " Yes, happier than it ever was. His law, you know Should be How to be. " Ryan relaxed and then kissed my long and deep. He blushed a little. ", I had to do that last time. " He said. I laughed. " Yes, they are indeed a fagot. " I said, knowing full well that he was not, Boy Bbs , but it was fine. "Sorry Oz, but not that sorry, a bit like being gay. " THE END.. I did ! Ok, this is the end of this story here. Boy Bbs I do not really have sJoy write most of it, and I want to write about the details messy. Sorry to those who wanted me to write, as 20 odd chapters or so, I could not... Sorry. Some of these chapter was fiction. thx to everyone who wrote me, I appreciate it. E -mails can be sent to Ozy : Soul_catcher2000 yahoo. co. UK Our team ( Guys I will, I Boy Bbs promise - if not in this life, , then maybe next ;-).. ) Has a website at: www. gayfreezone. Homestead. com - Your help, especially gay youth, adults are free to participate and all are welcome check it out. Sign the guestbook and leave a message in the board. Thx. Ozy
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